How to Enjoy Sunday Afternoon the Gambian Way

Balaba Nature Camp, Gambia

What makes a perfect Sunday afternoon for you? I guess it could be many things – curling up with a good book, a country walk, or socialising with friends. As it’s Sunday today. I thought I’d share a typical Sunday afternoon Gambian style.

One of the things I love best about being in The Gambia is the social life. Because the weather is mainly hot and dry, we tend to live outside most of the time, and it’s very easy for people to drop in and visit. I honestly don’t think we’ve ever had a day here when we’ve not had at least one visitor. And this particular Sunday was no exception.

The sky was a brilliant blue and we hadn’t seen a cloud all day. When it’s that hot, it’s good to be in the shade, and because Lamin has let our trees grow, we’ve got some lovely shady spots where we can sit.

After lunch, we sat in the shade of the trees and relaxed. Gambian music was playing on the radio – our radio is powered by solar panel.


We had two of Lamin’s nephews staying with us, and they were playing draughts with a small travel set I brought a few years back, along with a neighbour’s child.


Lamin’s stepmother had arrived for the day, and his niece had also come for the weekend as she’d heard arrived. She used to live at Balaba while she was at school, but now she’s in the army so we don’t see so much of her – it was great to catch up!



My stepson decided he wanted to learn how to stitch blackwork like me, so I showed him what to do and he was concentrating hard on making a small bookmark.


Saffie (Lamin’s cousin), was working her way through a large bowl of palm nuts, preparing them for making palm oil. I wrote a whole post about how we use palm nuts, which you can read here, but once the palm fruits are cut down from the palm tree, they’re split into individual nuts which then need to have the outer husk taken off. The nearest equivalent I can think of is that it’s a bit like peeling garlic!

One of Lamin’s nephews offered to brew ataya, the sweet green tea which is a very popular drink here. His mum is an expert and she’s clearly taught him well! It was delicious!


Even the animals were joining in. Our new baby chicks were doing a spot of sunbathing, and the goat called Baby was taking care of her two small babies (confusing isn’t it?) that were born a few days earlier.

All in all, it was a very relaxing and enjoyable afternoon.


One thought on “How to Enjoy Sunday Afternoon the Gambian Way

  1. Thanks for this to you both. It certainly cheers up a very boggy Devon and snowy Scotland (working up near Loch Lomond this week). Love and respect to you both.



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