How to Roast Groundnuts the Gambian Way

When I got back to Gambia in October it was groundnut season, which means that everyone was harvesting and selling their groundnuts. We didn’t grow our own groundnuts this year, but quite a few of our neighbours did, so every couple of days we bought a few groundnut plants from them so we could have fresh groundnuts.

Groundnuts can be eaten raw or boiled in their shells, but the way we like them best is when they’re roasted. So I thought I’d share with you how we roast our groundnuts, Gambian-style.

The first step is to set fire to the groundnut bush, so the foliage burns off and the groundnuts (still in their shells) are roasted at the same time. Raking over the fire helps break the ash down so we can pick our the shells.



We then use some fresh leaves to help reduce the heat and break the ash down even further – this makes it easy to see the groundnuts.



All the shells are then picked out ready to be eaten.

There’s nothing more delicious than fresh roasted groundnuts – the only drawback with this way of roasting is that it does leave your hands a bit grubby! But it’s definitely worth it!

And when we’re done, the chickens and the neighbour’s duck (who’s taken up residence here) can pick through the shells and see if we’ve missed any groundnuts.

So that’s how we like to enjoy our groundnuts!

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