Balaba Nature Camp


When I am in The Gambia, I live with my husband at Balaba Nature Camp, a sustainably run eco-camp in the heart of the Gambian forest. Visitors are always welcome, and because my husband Lamin runs the camp with members of his family, you can have a real taste of life as the Gambians live. You can read more about Balaba Nature Camp on the website here.

A view of the the camp
A view of the the camp

There is no mains electricity at Balaba – there is a solar panel so we can charge laptops, cameras etc, but we also use kerosene lamps.

Dinner by lamplight.

Lamin and his family are all skilled drummers, and we often enjoy a dance around the fire after dinner.

Drumming round the fire

The chickens are truly free range at Balaba, and are always to be found wandering about or resting in the sun.

The Balaba chickens enjoying the sun

Gunjur beach is only a short walk away, and is usually deserted apart from the occasional local.

Sunset over Gunjur Beach
Sunset over Gunjur Beach

One of our popular excursions is a dawn river trip on the Allahein River, the border between The Gambia and southern Senegal, very close to the camp. You can see all the beautiful birds and wildlife (including the occasional crocodile), and then come back for an al fresco breakfast overlooking the river.

Sunrise on the Allahein River

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