The Triple C Youth Skills Centre Showcase

In The Gambia, youth unemployment is a huge problem. School is not compulsory here, and although many younger children do attend, the drop-out rate as children go through secondary school is significant. Often young people end up with little education and no skills, making it very hard to compete in a small job market, and this is a major factor in many youths ‘taking the back way’ and trying to reach Europe, despite the dangers and massive risks involved.

One of Lamin’s nephews, Yankuba, is a carpenter, and for many years he’s had a dream to open a skills centre for the youths in Kartong. Recently, a Dutch foundation was formed to help get this project off the ground. It’s taken a lot of hard work and organisation, but in September a brand new skill centre opened – the Change Children’s Chances centre, commonly known as the ‘Triple C’.

Although it’s only been open for one term, just before Christmas they decided to showcase what their students have done so far, and Lamin and I were invited to the presentation.


How to Make Charcoal the Gambian Way: Part 2

In my last post about our charcoal kiln, I explained how Amadou had built the wood into a huge pile, carefully arranged with very few gaps, so there was as little air as possible within the pile. Once everything had been completed, the pile was ready to be lit.

Amadou had left an entrance to give him access for lighting the fire in the very middle of the pile, and he used a long stick with some palm leaves wrapped around the end to get the fire started.